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Blog Dragon slayed! (or at least wounded)

Everyone tells you to do it.  All the experts and seminar teachers and convention speakers and writing gurus.  You must write every day and you should be blogging and driving traffic to your work.

If not simple, it at least sounds doable, right?  Somewhere in between doing the washing, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, putting food on the table, picking up prescriptions, trips to Mother’s doctors, managing my own health needs, calling repair men, praying for Mother, paying the bills, exercising, managing my rental properties, feeding my own soul through prayer and Bible study, keeping up with family and friends on facebook, sending out family birthday and anniversary cards, house rehab projects, trying to fix Mother’s ailments and getting to the church on time; somewhere in there, while tuning out the ever present TV noise of cooking or gardening or painting or travel shows; somewhere in there, is time to write.  And blog and comment on discussion threads and enter contests and read the latest writing magazines and do rewrites on my novel(s) and write a short story for the next contest.  Somewhere, there is time.

At least at this time of year I can blissfully ignore the yard but that extra time won’t last for long.  Another few weeks of cold weather, if I’m lucky, will delay what’s coming but a few days of mild temps and then Mother’s litany of yard projects will start – transplant the strawberries, water the gardens, plant some flowers, chase the feral cats out of the yard so that the birds will come to the birdbath, water the gardens, buy tomato plants, chase the cats away, water the gardens, put out flower seeds, water the gardens, chase the cats away, manage the sprinkler system, put up the hummingbird feeder, water the fruit trees, chase the cats away, pick the fruit and get it canned or frozen or given away, water the gardens, chase the cats away, feed the plants, and on and on until next winter when it gets cold enough to not be outside every day.

But I digress into the swirling morass of all the stuff to do and away from the goal: write, blog, write, enter contests, comment on discussion threads, develop my writing craft and build a following, get my novel(s) out there, find an editor and get published.  It’s a good goal and one that gives me an escape from the Pomona mundane to a glimpse of the world outside these walls and to a possible future where this life and these walls no longer require so much of my attention.

The goal, however, can loom ahead like a towering dragon: somewhat at peace until you even think about disturbing it, at which point it rears its head and growls menacingly.  And overwhelmed, I back off to a lesser goal.  Yet, somehow in the last few weeks, through the grace of God and prayer of my creative encourager, Julienne, I broke through the dragon’s lair and started journaling every day which led to starting my BLOG!  With links to two social media sites, I even had some comments and just getting feedback made it all exciting and inspiring.  I want to write and write and blog and write and figure out all the details of managing my blog and my website and take those initial baby steps towards the future: becoming recognized as a writer.

I’ve seen how all this is beyond me and I’m aware I need more than my human power to get it done.  The best news of all is that I’ve also seen how by God’s grace I can learn and grow and be more than I was before.  That includes the peace of trusting Mother and her needs and personality into God’s care.  It’s not my job to “fix” her, it’s my job to love her and see that the needs she can’t meet, but that I can, are met.

And that frees up my soul and spirit to find the creativity that is God given and that has been hiding somewhere inside.  Find it and set it free.  I will Blog!  I will write!  I will keep pushing forward because the outcome will lead to surprises of joy and probably some pain and disappointment but definitely to a life worth living.


9 thoughts on “Blog Dragon slayed! (or at least wounded)

  1. I really like this post, but he time stamp for this post says “2:44 AM” gasp! In that long list of things to do, did you forget sleep??? That does fall under the “take care of my own health needs” section I think 😉

    But hey, alas the dragon has been slayed, so a few less hours of sleep will surely be worth it in the end. And, if you are like me, sometimes the only real “me time” is when the house is asleep so I get it. BTW I was up ’til 4 AM reading an amazing book the other night. Read the WHOLE thing LOL and most nights I’m up til 1 or 2 working on my book.

    Anyhow, I dropped by to give you a couple suggestions that I thought you could tuck away until you want to pull them out…

    “National Day of … ” this that or the other.
    “On This Day…” of whatever year.

    Google search them and you will NEVER have a day go by that there isn’t something to write about. For instance, I have something special for tomorrow that is very much in relations to one of my projects.

    • I keep saying I’ll get into bed earlier and then it’s, oh, I’ll do this one more thing and before you know it – up too late! Not a morning person anyway so it’s very easy to stay up later and later which isn’t a good idea for overall productivity, but many times its the only quiet and alone time I have. And like you, if I start reading late, I usually can’t put it away til I’m done. Thank you for the hints on where to find writing ideas – just the thing for those times my mind is blank.

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