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free in the full void

Discordant beauty stems swiftly buying trails

Feathers brush hard knocks inside                                                                           lulling

tiny feet closer to their sort of original disarray

re minding lost hearts                                    lost souls                             lost grips

Swinging once ethereal sank      drank    stank

Oh, to be free

Oh, to be me

No, to be thee                                 joyously fritter beyond the draw

we climb and swing and draw and sway and climb and swing

image: google images

image source: google images

Now the cockles enliven                               freedom beckons trace

Be here: we three, we four         plus

Unseen join the lurch and tug                                    to which contingent?

Soldier on!          Remind the swing from first to last and back

Fun’s begun, no not dread, happy leads

See?  It can be.

Contingent not upon the me;                                     No, to be thee

Freedom contained and free in the full void


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